Lab Manager Farewell

Almost two years ago, I began working with Dr. Kertz. During my time as lab manager, I helped her setup the lab and figure out the ins and outs of the department. We started with only two students and have grown to six graduate and eight undergraduates students (and counting...). I have had the pleasure of seeing several different projects in various stages along the way. We have accomplished so much in the past few years! It has been quite an adventure from figuring out what to call ourselves to how to write and submit research applications to moving lab space across the building. I have really enjoyed my time with the lab and look forward to watching it continue to grow and expand over the coming years. I want to wish all the best to our new lab manager, Kimberly Stevens, as she takes over in the next few weeks. Thanks to all those who helped make our lab what it is today! And of course, congrats to those who graduated! ~Alana